6 - Nouriza Protein with Whey, Soy & Casein,  2.2 lb  Swiss Milk Chocolate veg

Nouriza Protein with Whey, Soy & Casein, 2.2 lb Swiss Milk Chocolate

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₹898 ₹1650

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    Cafe Mocha

  • swissmilkchocolate

    Swiss Milk Chocolate

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  • 2.2 lb

Product Highlights

  • Nouriza Protein delivers 50% of your Protein Requirements (As per RDA in 2 Servings) to facilitate healthy muscle synthesis and prevent muscle loss
  • It fuels your muscles with protein extracted from quality sources including Whey, Soy, and Casein to nourish your muscles for long hours
  • Enriched with micronutrients for nourishing your body with vital vitamins and minerals
  • Amino Acids in Nouriza 50% Protein helps prevent muscle soreness and replenish the amino reserves lost during workout or exercise
  • Available in delectable flavors including Swiss Milk Chocolate, Café Mocha, and Vanilla

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Nouriza Protein fuels your body with 15g of pure protein for the healthy muscle synthesis and recovery for every serving (30g). A regular diet may lack the RDA of protein that you may need to support lean mass gain and muscle recovery which is why Nouriza brings to you a protein to enhance the power of your everyday plain milk and turn it into a healthy protein milkshake. It also helps satiate you for long hours and helps you avoid unhealthy munching. This protein meal helps repair the muscles even in the elderly to relieve muscle fatigue and muscle soreness.
How would I benefit from using Nouriza 50% Protein?
a)Protein: To nourish your muscles with required protein with an active lifestyle, Nouriza Protein fuels your muscles with 15g of protein per serving which helps reduce muscle soreness by facilitating muscle recovery. It helps regulate protein levels in active adults and elderly alike. This is a blend of easily digestible protein. It helps nourish your body by strengthening the immunity which helps heal wounds faster, prevent hair loss and weakness.
b)Vitamins & Minerals: It delivers vitamins and minerals to your body which help fulfill the micronutrients gaps caused by consuming an unbalanced diet. These micronutrients help enhance the muscle strength and prevent fatigue after heavy-duty workouts and activities. This help eliminates the toxins from the body and strengthens the immunity.
c)Supports Weight Management: Nouriza Protein is crafted to nourish your body and help you prevent consuming unhealthy food. This protein shake nourishes your body with 15g of protein and 10-12 Kcal calories and keeps you satiated for long hours.