Nouriza Protein Cookies,  360 g  Choco Chip (6 x 60 g) veg

Nouriza Protein Cookies, 360 g Choco Chip (6 x 60 g)


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  • chocochip(6x60g) Product is out of stock

    Choco Chip (6 x 60 g)

  • chocochip(packof6) Weight not available in Choco Chip (Pack of 6) flavour

    Choco Chip (Pack of 6)

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    Fruit n Nut (6 x 60 g)

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    Fruit n Nut (Pack of 6)

  • Flavour not available in 100 g 100 g
  • 360 g

Product Highlights

  • Nouriza Cookies in scrumptious Choco Chip Delight flavor are loaded with protein that may help in your muscle building regime post workout
  • Each serving of 100g serves 15g of high-quality protein
  • Enriched with dietary fiber for improved digestion and satiety
  • Each crunchy bite melts into the mouth with the taste of delectable dark chocolate
  • Available in the pack of 600g (6*100g packs)

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Healthy eating can be tricky, but it need not be boring. Nouriza brings you Protein Cookies in Choco Chip Delight flavor loaded with dark chocolate and Whey Protein. These cookies are rich in dietary fiber which may help enhance digestion and boost the absorption of essential nutrients. These cookies make a healthy snacking option and prevent you from unhealthy munching.
a)Protein: Nouriza Choco Chip Delight Protein cookies make a perfect post-workout snack for your muscles as it fuels your body with Whey Protein which may help support lean mass gain. These cookies satiate the hunger pangs and keep you energized after strenuous workouts.
b)Satiates with fewer calories: These cookies contain dietary fiber and protein which satiates the strong hunger pangs and fuels your body with clean energy. It has fewer calories than regular chocolate cookies and you can savor them without any guilt.
c)Trans Fats Free: These cookies have zero trans fats and are made using only high-quality ingredients to ensure you a tasty yet healthy snacking. It makes a great combo with your breakfast milk and evening snacks. 
Protein (Whey Protein Concentrate, Skimmed Milk Powder, Refined Wheat Flour), Fat (Partially Hydrogenated Palm, Palmolein Oil, Til Oil), Sugar, Chocolate (Dark Chocolate Slab, Choco Chips), Cocoa Powder, Polyols (INS 422), Raising Agent (INS 500 (ii)), Invert Sugar

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