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Nouriza Pro Kids, 0.4 kg Chocolate

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₹349 ₹450

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Product Highlights

  • Nouriza Pro Kids is a dietary protein supplement formulated for kids to help fulfill the dietary gaps
  • It provides 6g of high quality and fast absorbing protein per serving which may help in the muscle growth
  • Each serving is enriched with vital vitamins and minerals to balance the micro nutrients requirement of the body for a healthy growth and strong immunity
  • With DHA, it helps enhance the brain development in growing children and calcium paves way for stronger bones
  • Available in scrumptious Chocolate and Kesar Pista flavor

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Our children mean the world to us which is why we must nourish them with all things good. However; not all good things taste good enough, they end up becoming fussy eaters while missing out on nutrients essential for healthy growth. Nouriza Pro Kids protein is crafted for all children ages 2 and above to help them nourish their bodies with protein, calcium, DHA, vitamins & minerals etc. These micronutrients act fast and may prevent the nutrients deficiency in children from an early age. 
1.Protein: Proteins are the building blocks of our cells and tissues and it helps in the synthesis of muscles and bones thus making them stronger. Lack of protein results in muscle fatigue and dizziness which might harm the growth of growing children. Nouriza Pro Kids is a dietary protein supplement for kids to help them gain their RDA of protein in a scrumptious and fuss free manner.
2.Iron, Calcium, and DHA: Iron and calcium are vital for blood regulation and bone strength in children respectively. DHA helps enhance the brain health while regulating the cholesterol levels in the body. A good flow of iron, calcium, and DHA ensures a sound physical and mental growth in the children.
3.Immunity: Children are more prone to catching communicable viruses and diseases which is why children with weaker immunity fall sick often. Nouriza pro Kids is fortified with immunity-boosting micronutrients which help enhance body’s power to fight the infection causing microorganisms.  



1. What are the age guidelines for Nouriza Pro Kids?
Nouriza Pro Kids in delectable flavors is exclusively formulated for growing children of age 2 years and above.
2. My child doesn’t feel hungry most of the time. What should be done?
Children can often be picky or fussy about eating. Do not force feed them. Slowly and gradually maintain their diet schedule and feed them on time. Add Nouriza Pro Kids in the regular diet to fulfill the dietary gaps. Consult a dietician for further assistance.
3. Does Nouriza Pro Kids provide complete and balanced nutrition?
Yes, Nouriza Pro Kids is enriched with essential nutrients to provide complete and balanced nutrition. Though it should be followed by clean and healthy eating habits as it is not a meal replacement beverage supplement.
4. Why does Nouriza Pro Kids contain sugar? 
Nouriza Pro Kids contains sugar in optimum amount because it is a source of carbohydrates and keeps kids interesting in gulping down the whole sweet and scrumptious chocolate shake without any second thoughts.
5. Can I give it more than once to my kids?
One serving of Nouriza Pro Kids is enough for a growing child, however, the needs may vary according to the age and growth of the child or as directed by the dietician.