15 - Nouriza Multigrain Protein Cookies,  360 g  Cumin (6 x 60 g) veg

Nouriza Multigrain Protein Cookies, 360 g Cumin (6 x 60 g)


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    Coconut (6 x 60 g)

  • cumin(6x60g) Product is out of stock

    Cumin (6 x 60 g)

  • 360 g

Product Highlights

  • Nouriza Multigrain Protein Cookies (Cumin) Cookies are made using multigrain flour and has added goodness of whey protein and fiber
  • Whey Protein refills your energy reserves while fiber satiates the hunger and you feel full in fewer calories
  • With No added sugar, trans fats, or maida, these cookies make the best pick to support your weight management goals and fuel your healthy eating regime
  • These cookies have delightful cumin flavor which fills your snack time with rich taste and aroma and makes a perfect match to your hot cup of Tea or Coffee
  • With no maida (refined flour), these multigrain protein cookies have the goodness of whole wheat flour, oat flour, and rice flour

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Nouriza Multigrain Protein Cookies in rich Cumin (Jeera) flavor are filled with the goodness of whey protein and fiber. Now you do not need to jeopardize your snack time with unhealthy munching as these protein rich cookies are here to your rescue. Made with the multigrain flour, these cookies do not contain any maida (refined flour).

Protein: Turn your snacking into fun with these Cumin flavored multigrain Protein Cookies from Nouriza. These Cookies deliver 15g of protein per 100g to boost your energy levels and fiber to satiate the hunger in fewer calories.

No Maida or Added Sugar: At Nouriza, we believe in nourishing you and your loved ones with all things good which is why these multigrain protein cookies do not have any added sugar, maida, trans fat, artificial preservatives, or artificial color.

Weight Management: Unhealthy snacking often ruins your healthy eating goals but these Multigrain Protein cookies from Nouriza ensures to satiate you in a delectably healthy way. It satiates in fewer calories and keeps you healthy all day long.

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